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Boost the innovation of Marlboro cigarette

Some experts said: "overcapacity has become a cancer." For countries to solve the problem of excess production capacity of coal, steel and other industries are the key to productivity. The Marlboro Cigarette industry inevitably there is the problem of excess production capacity, both for historical reasons, but also affected by macroeconomic. Today, the industry has come to an end large-scale technical transformation, which has the capacity has been basically finalized, therefore, the National Council explicitly requested "prevent redundant construction and overcapacity." Tight schedule new expansion project, strict control of cigarette production capacity, Roasting capacity, capacity of vinegar strand, sheet production capacity, logistics and distribution capacity, the capacity to clean up disposal of non-performing assets.

Inventory, backlog a lot of money, long-term occupation of warehouse space, wasting a lot of manpower, material and financial resources."Twelve Five" period, the tobacco industry to achieve leapfrog development, but cigarette sales growth down, the downward trend gradually clear. During this period, the industry cigarette sales have been higher than production for many years, the difference has expanded each year, 2015 to 1.45 million cases. Production than sales situation, supply and demand imbalance, resulting in high inventory cigarette operation. Seriously affect the gross margin retail cigarette, cigarette retail customers seriously affect business confidence, seriously affected the image of the Marlboro cigarette brand in the market, it is imperative to remove the cigarette stock.2016 National Bureau continue to adhere to total control, marketing coordination, balance a little tight control policy and protect cigarette production of "total gate", just hold cigarette sales, "a bid." The national cigarette sales plan Tiaojian 48 million boxes, compared with the beginning Tiaojian 2 million boxes, cigarette Tiaojian annual allocation plan to 49.5 million boxes, reducing the 920,000 cases last year. Businesses are working together to achieve full-year compression BUSINESS stock 1 million boxes, to digest the social stock more than 1 million boxes goal.

In addition to high inventories of cigarettes, tobacco and high inventory is also a major problem plagued the industry. Introduced in 2014, three years of tobacco reduction Yaku, the national inventory of Marlboro cigarette control at a reasonable level. Tobacco production scale control work has achieved victory, but from a global industry perspective, resource conflicts tobacco oversupply is not actually changed. By the end of 2015, the national tobacco industry and commerce stock available for more than 37 months, tobacco inventory digestion task is still arduous.Therefore, the National Bureau of clear requirements to be a consistent, consistently continue to focus on the total tobacco production control, must not have Renhe Song vigor. In the future, the industry also tight schedule tobacco production. Year plan to reduce tobacco production Tam 2,000,000, and then reduced by 100 million quintals next year, as soon as possible to achieve the goal of supporting stick 41 million acquisition of the red line.