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How to control Marlboro cigarette

Smoking is a matter of personal freedom and rights. As a judgment of adults, in the tobacco companies to fulfill the duty of smoking harmful to health, after the task, if he also went to buy Marlboro cigarettes, it is not simply the responsibility of the tobacco companies, more of their own responsibility. For this means that he is willing to accept this kind of harm. For the rights and freedoms, if it does not interfere with others, is regardless of any organizations and individuals, have the right to stop. This is tobacco control is difficult to fully into the deep reasons.Thus, China tobacco control has a long way to go. Nevertheless, we must firmly promote tobacco control. The World Health Organization's figures show that China has risen to $6 billion 500 million per year for the treatment of diseases linked to smoking. One in every 4 of the world's tobacco related deaths is happening in China. Of course, according to the production and consumption of China tobacco, tobacco control should be steadily. We believe that the first step should be to improve tobacco control laws and regulations, to control the harmful effects of Marlboro cigarette. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Framework Convention on cigarette control, through the administrative legislation and the local legislation, strictly limit the smoking in public places; strengthen enforcement of existing tobacco control laws and regulations, standardize the operational behavior of tobacco production, prohibitions and restrictions on tobacco advertising, promotion and financing behavior, at the same time as soon as possible tobacco hazard control method.

Tobacco control on the basis of this, pay special attention to youth, women, medical personnel and public servants etc. focus groups, especially on to the sale of cigarettes by young people under the age of 18 to crack down. At the same time the use of price means to regulate tobacco supply and demand. Research shows that smoke a pack of Marlboro cigarette price increase of 10%, so that the demand for cigarettes in high income countries reduced by about 4%, in low and middle income countries reduce about 8%. Especially the young people of the tobacco price sensitive, greatly raising taxes can reduce tobacco consumption in adolescents. In addition, the timely adjustment of industrial structure, and do a good job on the tobacco industry surplus workers re employment and training.

Smoking is difficult to accomplish the whole task at one stroke. China advantage is the government is the tobacco production and marketing management, and tobacco control advocates and supporters. If improve tobacco and tobacco overseeing department coordination and cooperation, according to the law to unify their understanding, solid and steadily push down, then the cause of China's tobacco control is successfully completed.