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The difficulty of cigarette control in China

On February 6, tobacco control of the parties to the Framework Convention on first meeting in Geneva opening, from 113 countries in the world, delegates will be in this period of 12 days of the conference, details on the specific implementation of the Framework Convention on tobacco control of the discussions. China is the seventy-seventh signatory to the convention. August 28, 2005, the ten National People's Congress voted to approve the convention.Who studies show that the world currently has about 1 billion 300 million smokers, nearly 5 million people died each year due to smoking. The health problems caused by the countries to solve the smoke, has paid $200 billion. For China, Newport cigarette is not only related to health, it also has a direct or indirect relationship with the country's economic development, labor employment, agricultural economic structure and so on. China is the largest tobacco producing and consuming country in the world, the cigarette output accounted for 30% of the total output of the world's cigarette, tobacco industry profits and taxes accounted for national fiscal revenue of about one tenth, hundreds of millions of people rely on tobacco industry to survive.

Due to Newport cigarette provides huge tax for countries to finance, tobacco industry provides a large number of employment opportunities, and the smokers is huge, at present, most of the countries of the world especially in developing tobacco control there is a certain degree of difficulty. In addition to these common factors Chinese tobacco control, its difficulty also lies in the following aspects: First of all, the tobacco in China is controlled by the state, tobacco cultivation, production, sales are controlled by specialized agencies of the government, the agency is in accordance with government instructions, the division of functions and the authority, in view of the importance of tobacco in finance and national economy, so far on the idea and policy, between tobacco economic function of control and interests, is still in the difficult to make a choice, often in the presence of differences and conflicts.

Secondly, China tobacco control legal system is not complete, especially the lack of the core legal tobacco hazard control method. At present, the tobacco control laws are "advertising law", "minors protection law", "prevention of juvenile delinquency law" and "tobacco monopoly law" and so on. These laws in content and form is fragmented and fuzzy, especially the "tobacco monopoly law", this is from the convenience of tobacco management and the development of the law, as the tobacco control law, the terms general and executive operating difficulties, and objective laws inconsistent, actually is not conducive to control Newport cigarette. From now to curb the tobacco epidemic of a serious threat to public health in China and the most effective tobacco control measures is to develop national tobacco hazard control method.