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The measure to control unlicensed sale of Marlboro Cigarette

With the gradual improvement "Administrative Licensing Law", "tobacco monopoly license management approach" and around the Rationalisation Programme, the management department of tobacco monopoly retail license for Marlboro Cigarette regulate more strictly, which the tobacco monopoly retail license issuance and handling put forward higher requirements. Part of the bid does not meet the conditions of the tobacco monopoly retail license business driven by various factors, secretly or openly unlicensed cigarettes. Such behavior is not only disturbed the normal market order cigarette, cigarette holder also harm the interests of retail customers, but also to the illegal trafficking of tobacconists' private non-fake "cigarette provides a" hotbed "harm the national interests and the interests of consumers . Therefore, the regulation of unlicensed cigarettes behavior, has been an important task of the tobacco monopoly management.

Efforts in improving the ideological awareness and basic management. Ideologically attached great importance to and master unlicensed user information is to carry out the prerequisite and basis unlicensed cigarette conduct remediation. To the tobacco sector governance unlicensed cigarette behavioral complexity and arduousness have a clear understanding, it is necessary to rise to the equivalent of the height of the Marlboro cigarette counterfeiting nets treated effectively increase the unlicensed household cleaning remediation efforts. To the spirit of "who control, who is responsible" principle, to establish responsibility system area, the existence of unlicensed dealers act individually inventoried, fully grasp the relevant information in a timely manner, the dynamic implementation of category management will be incorporated into the daily management of the agenda and visits to plan, carry out daily supervision to ensure targeted remediation and cleanup work. Meanwhile, we should conduct remediation work into unlicensed cigarette monopoly management assessment, emphasis will work to refine duty, responsibility to the people, Jiangyoufalie, in order to further improve the regulation of unlicensed cigarettes behavior work quality and efficiency .

Effective governance efforts in the classification. In conjunction with the relevant law enforcement departments to implement the classification management and Supervision is an effective way to control unlicensed cigarette behavior. Meets the handle tobacco monopoly retail license unlicensed users in a timely manner to help its law for the permit; do not meet the processing conditions of unlicensed household, to do the work of persuasion and education, to persuade them to take the initiative to quit retail Marlboro cigarette business; to incorrigible unlicensed individual households, to administrative penalties standards, timely transfer of the business sector punishment, arrested for criminal offenses, be handed over to the public security authorities to initiate investigations; of the case is more complex and there is concern value of unlicensed household sales channels outside of cigarettes counterfeit cigarette cases, joint public security departments to actively catch line, check off the assembly line, focus on end dens, broken network.