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The retail sales of Newport Cigarette in Guangzhou

In early July, Typhoon "Nepartak" Guangzhou passing, leaving hot "sauna day" for several days, the Yangcheng thus lit the first high-temperature orange warning signal this year.Off the regular customers into the store to buy cigarettes, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, one home food businesses boss Sun Haiqing quickly wiping the sweat. "Hot weather is better than a strong storm ah, or transfer this stock up cigarettes may bother." He pointed to the counter in the inventory of more than 400 cartons Newport cigarettes and said.

With close to a lot of the company's relocation, the tobacco business in this hotel more than five years of retail customers, obviously feeling no previous business well done. "Before one can carry four to five pieces of cigarettes, may also now one week into more than 200 pieces, plus the rent increases, is indeed something 'big head'." Monkey said with some frustration.In fact, this is not the case. From the macro data, the Guangzhou market in the first half of this year total sales of 247,000 boxes of Newport cigarettes, an increase of 0.28%, single-box sales revenue grew 4.92%, is one of the few to maintain a good momentum of growth in the municipal market. At the same time, macroeconomic entered a new normal, under industry development "four challenges" further highlights the background, the Guangzhou market, a lot of cigarette retail customers are inevitably confronted with price volatility, pressure on the stock, falling profits and other thorny problem.

However, faced with the development of environmental opportunities and challenges, Guangzhou various formats of retail outlets does not render the overall rise or "Nishajuxia" convergence trend, but showing a differentiation intensified development of the situation. Terminal retail cigarette sales network "last kilometer", is the industry grasp the true consumer demand of "peripheral nerve." Today, the difference between the development of different formats, but also brought us the first-hand information on what the market demands and consumer trends Change it?Lin Hongfu women run Hongzhao grocery stores located in Yuexiu District Shuiyinlu, mainly for residents of nearby residential consumers. This house has a 24-hour shop, now at 21 o'clock closed."The main store is selling more than 10 yuan of money per pack of cigarettes, but a lot less to sell. Next previous office 'white collar' two days to buy a pack of Newport cigarettes, it may be time 4 days." Lin Hung told reporters Fortunately, she was familiar with the landlord, in recent years the rent or not, or is likely to keep up the same street a few grocery stores were forced to shut down.