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To see the Crisis of Newport Cigarette from the change

In order to realize the stable development of the industry, primary task is in the complex situation in the correct analysis development opportunities and favorable conditions of "change", strengthen the development of confidence and courage of your convictions.Confidence, is never a rootless tree, but rely on the knowledge comes from practice. From the overall point of view, China's economic development has not changed for a long time, the basic characteristics of gewportood economic resilience, great potential and great room for maneuver has not changed, and the economic structure has not changed."45" period, China's population will continue to maintain a certain growth, population-based cigarette consumption does not appear big changes. Newport Cigarettes as a daily consumption habits, there are still relatively stable consumer groups in the future for a long time, cigarette sales should continue to maintain a certain size.

Sales structure, 2020 comprehensive built comparatively well-off society and realize "two double magnificent dream was shining into reality. In the next five years, the national economy will remain more than 6.5% annual growth, level of new urbanization increasing and the per capita income of urban and rural residents continued to increase, consumption capacity has been further enhanced, the level of Newport cigarette consumption also has certain promotion space.If the overall stability of the external environment for the sustainable development of the industry to provide the objective possibility, then inner foundation's support is industry and then painted the development of strong backing to the new prospect. Tobacco monopoly system demonstrate the will of the state, specialty practice by law. This is our work to the "imperial sword" and "ace in the hole. Adhere to the tobacco monopoly system, not only to enhance the implementation of macro-control of the industry, but also to enhance the industry's strategic depth against market fluctuations". In the "13th Five-Year" period, the fundamental guarantee that there is no change, still will provide the basis for industry.

Further, after more than 30 temper endeavour, industry for a long time to build a complete industrial system, modern technology and equipment, well-known Newport cigarette brand, excellent staff team, for the sustainable development of China's tobacco provide solid material support, technical support, personnel support. Relying on the monopoly system, to reform and innovation banner, several generations of tobacco people get up early and go to bed late entrepreneurial endeavor, accumulation of these precious wealth, become the industry deep "family property".